Autumn 2018

October 7

Doug Traversa: "The Ultimate Question"

Second Hour: Doug Traversa "Talkback" | Kitti McConnell "The Chinese Feng Shui Elemental Creative Cycle"

Service Leader :Karen Johnson

Story for All Ages: Amy Jones

Monitor: Casey Gray

Lunch: Moe's Southwest Grill

October 14

Jill Austin: "Making Connections at UUFM"

Second Hour: UUFM Singers | Jim Howard: "Water: The Essence of Life"

Service Leader: Shelly McCormack

Story for All Ages: Kitti McConnell

Monitor: Dave Anthony

Lunch: Firehouse Subs

October 21

Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "Traveling Without, Journey Within: My Pilgrimage to Israel"

Second Hour: Rabbi Shapiro: "Talkback"

Service Leader: David Summar

Story for All Ages: Anna Deck

Monitor: Beth Skinner

Lunch: La Siesta (Greenland Dr)

October 28

Rev. Denise Gyauch: "Self-care in a Dark World"

Second Hour: Rev. Gyauch: "Talkback" | Frank Baugh: "Day of the Dead"

Service Leader: Allie Becker

Story for All Ages: Anna Gray

Monitor: Casey Gray

Lunch: Jason's Deli

November 4

Doug Traversa: "Living by Vow, Receiving Precepts: What is it to be a Buddhist?"

Second Hour: Doug Traversa: "Talkback" | UUFM Singers

Service Leader: Ryan Tanay

Story for All Ages: Casey Gray

Monitor: Frank Baugh

Lunch: Zoe's Kitchen

November 11

Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "Silence Betrayed: The Babble at the Parliament of the World's Religions"

Second Hour: Rabbi Shapiro: "Talkback" | Jill Austin: "The Poems of Mary Oliver"

Service Leader: Anna Gray

Story for All Ages: Karen Johnson

Monitor: Kitti McConnell

Lunch: Ahart's Pizza

November 18

Rev. Denise Gyauch: "Democracy, Hope, & Gratitude"

Second Hour : Rev. Gyauch: "Talkback" | Bob Kimbro: "Conversation Cafe: What Happened to America?"

Service Leader: Dave Anthony

Story for All Ages: Frank Baugh

Monitor: Beth Skinner

Lunch: Dog Haus

November 25

Gratitude Communion

Second Hour: Kitti McConnell: "Oral Traditions and Why they are Awesome" 

Service Leader: Jill Austin

Story for All Ages: Jennifer Neal

Monitor: Casey Gray

Lunch: McAlister's 

December 2

Frank Baugh: "Chalica"

Second Hour: Jill Austin: "Articles of Faith" | UUFM Singers

Service Leader: Jennifer Neal

Story for All Ages: Shelly McCormack

Monitor: Karen Johnson

Lunch: Newk's (Wendelwood Dr.)

December 9

Doug Traversa: "If the Christmas Story Matched the Bible Story"

Second Hour: Doug Traversa: "Talkback" | Holiday Coloring Therapy

Service Leader: Jim Howard

Story for All Ages: Allie Becker

Monitor: Tom Deck

Lunch: Holiday Potluck

December 16

Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "You Can't Get What You've Already Got: The Truth about Enlightenment"

Second Hour: Rabbi Shapiro: "Talkback" | Karen Johnson: "Solstice"

Service Leader: Bob Kimbro

Story for All Ages: Amy Jones

Monitor: Casey Gray

Lunch: Mellow Mushroom

December 23

Jill Austin: "Random Holiday Traditions"

Second Hour: Informal sharing and holiday food

Service Leader: Frank Baugh

Story for All Ages: Andrea Dawson

Monitor: Karen Johnson

Lunch: Bar-B-Cutie