Summer 2018

July 1

Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "Dare to Know: Four (Okay, Maybe Five) Ideas That Must Inform Your Life

Second Hour: Rabbi Rami "Talkback" | Frank Baugh "Musique Concrete"

Service Leader :Joe Andrews

Story for All Ages: Karen Johnson

Monitor: Casey Gray

Lunch: Jason's Deli

July 8

Doug Traversa: "How Bible Study Led Me Out of Fundamentalism"

Second Hour: Doug Traversa "Talkback" | Jill Austin: "Monitor Training"

Service Leader: Kitti McConnell

Story for All Ages: Sheila Moss

Monitor: Doyle Kermicle

Lunch: Ahart's Pizza

July 15

Congregation Members: "Remaining Positive in a Negative World: Perspectives from UUFM Members"

Second Hour: UUFM Singers | Jill Austin: "Articles of Faith: The Principles"

Service Leader: Frank Baugh

Story for All Ages: Sarah Summar

Monitor: Kitti McConnell

Lunch: Panera

July 22

Rev. Denise Gyauch: "But My Dear, It's All Transition: Change and the Search for a Good Life"

Second Hour: Rev. Gyauch: "Talkback" | Allie Becker: "UUA Common Read: Daring Democracy" 

Service Leader: David Summar

Story for All Ages: Casey Gray

Monitor: Karen Johnson

Lunch: Newk's (Memorial)

July 29

Allie Becker: "There is no Them. There is Only Us: Embracing a Role in the Interdependent Web"

Second Hour: UUFM Singers | Rev. Alaina Cobb: "Poor People's Campaign"

Service Leader: Matthew Knight

Story for All Ages: Beth Stinson

Monitor: Beth Skinner

Lunch: Jeff's Family Restaurant

August 5

Rev. Denise Gyauch: "Marginal Wisdom"

Second Hour: Rev. Gyauch "Talkback" | David Summar: "Universal Values: Generosity"

Service Leader: Allie Becker

Story for All Ages: Kitti McConnell

Monitor: Meredith Kermicle

Lunch: Mellow Mushroom

August 12

Doug Traversa: "Logic, Spirituality, and the Price is Right"

Second Hour: Doug Traversa "Talkback" | Jill Austin "Universal Values: Peace"

Service Leader: Meredith Kermicle

Story for All Ages: Shelly McCormack

Monitor: Casey Gray

Lunch: Firehouse Subs

August 19

Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "In the Beginning was the Word"

Second Hour: Rabbi Rami "Talkback" | Carolsue Clery: "Universal Values: Trust"

Service Leader: Karen Johnson

Story for All Ages: Frank Baugh

Monitor: Joe Andrews

Lunch: Moe's Southwest Grill

August 26

Marisa Richmond: "Fighting for LGBTQ Equality"

Second Hour: UUFM Singers | Matthew Knight: "Universal Values: Compassion"

Service Leader: Shelly McCormack

Story for All Ages: Karen Johnson

Monitor: Sarah Summar

Lunch: La Siesta (Greenland Dr.)

September 2

Water Communion 

Second Hour: Shelly McCormack: "Parables: Keeping your lamp under a bushel may create a fire hazard" | Allie Becker & Frank Baugh: "UU Pride-Button Making"

Service Leader: Jill Austin

Story for All Ages: Andrea Dawson

Monitor: Casey Gray

Lunch: Ahart's 

September 9

Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "Rosh HaShanah, the Birthday of Humanity, and the Reason We are Here"

Second Hour: Rabbi Rami "Talkback" | Karen Johnson & Frank Baugh: "Reflections from Boro Pride"

Service Leader: Sarah Summar

Story for All Ages: Matthew Knight

Monitor: Kitti McConnell

Lunch: McAlister's

September 16

Rev. Denise Gyauch: "Learning to be Ourselves"

Second Hour: Rev. Gyauch "Talkback" | Shelly McCormack & Frank Baugh: "Postcards for a Purpose"

Service Leader: Jennifer Neal

Story for All Ages: Allie Becker

Monitor: Sarah Summar

Lunch: Zoe's Kitchen

September 23

Music Sunday: "Peace"

Second Hour: UUFM Singers | Karen Johnson: "Maybon"

Service Leader: Bob Kimbro

Story for All Ages: David Summar

Monitor: Beth Skinner

Lunch: Jason's Deli

September 30

Doug Traversa: "When Karma Comes Calling"

Second Hour: Doug Traversa "Talkback" | "Give Away the Basket Sunday" TBD

Service Leader: David Summar

Story for All Ages: Jennifer Neal

Monitor: Frank Baugh

Lunch: Culver's (Rutherford Blvd)