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Winter 2019

April 7

Rev. Denise Gyauch: "The Fellowship Movement & 21st Century Possibilities for Unitarian Universalism"

Second Hour: Rev. Gyauch "Talkback" 

Service Leader : Karen Johnson

Story for All Ages: Jill Austin

Monitor: Casey Gray

Lunch: Ahart's Pizza

April 14

Communion of Words: "Restoration"

Second Hour: UUFM Singers | Allie Becker: "Renewal: Love"

Service Leader: Shelly McComrack

Story for All Ages: Dave Anthony

Monitor: Frank Baugh

Lunch: La Siesta (Greenland)

April 21

Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "Christ is Risen: How About You?"

Second Hour: Rabbi Rami: "Talkback"

Service Leader: David Summar

Story for All Ages: Jennifer Uhl

Monitor: Tom Deck

Lunch: Moe's Southwest Grill

April 28

Shelly McCormick: "A History of the End of the World"

Second Hour: Jill Austin: "Renewal: Spiritual Garage Sale"

Service Leader: Bob Kimbro

Story for All Ages: Karla Addesso

Monitor: Morris Kupfer

Lunch: McAlister's

May 5

Flower Communion

Second Hour: Frank Baugh & Anna Gray: "Mandala History and Sacred Coloring" | Karen Johnson: "Renewal: Spiritual Journeys"

Service Leader: Jill Austin

Story for All Ages: Anna Gray

Monitor: Karen Johnson

Lunch: Jason's Deli

May 12

Doug Traversa: "Living in Absurdity"

Second Hour: Doug Traversa: "Talkback"

Service Leader: Anna Gray

Story for All Ages: Kitti McConnell

Monitor: Casey Gray

Lunch: Newk's (Wendlewood Dr.)

May 19

Rev. Denise Gyauch: "Stories We Tell Ourselves"

Second Hour: Rev. Gyauch: "Talkback" | Shelly McCormack:  "Renewal: Forgiveness"

Service Leader: Frank Baugh

Story for All Ages: Anna Deck

Monitor: Karen Johnson

Lunch: Annual UUFM Picnic

May 26

Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "Welcome to Kali Yuga: The Return of the Divine Mother & the Revelations of Wisdom"

Second Hour: Rabbi Rami: "Talkback" 

Service Leader:  Jennifer Uhl

Story for All Ages: Andrea Dawson

Monitor: Casey Gray

Lunch: Panera

June 2

Rev. Denise Gyauch: "The Practice of Belonging"

Second Hour: Rev. Gyuach: "Talkback" | Debbie Curtis: "UUFM Social Justice Committee Planning"

Service Leader: Bob Kimbro

Story for All Ages: Shelly McCormack

Monitor: Kitti McConell

Lunch: Zoe's Kitchen

June 9

Doug Traversa: "You Are Not a Sinner"

Second Hour: Doug Traversa: "Talkback" | Jill Austin: "Renewal: Faith???"

Service Leader: Dave Anthony

Story for all Ages: Casey Gray

Monitor: Frank Baugh

Lunch: Mellow Mushroom

June 16

Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "Our Father Who Art in Heaven: the Danger of Strict Father Theology"

Second Hour: "Talkback" Rabbi Rami

Service Leader: Ryan Tanay

Story for All Ages: Frank Baugh

Monitor: Morris Kupfer

Lunch: Thai Spice

June 23

Kitti McConnell: "Summer Solstice"

Second Hour: UUFM Singers | "Finding the Right Words" 

Service Leader: Dave Anthony

Story for All Ages: Karen Johnson

Monitor: Tom Deck

Lunch: Firehouse Subs

June 30

Emily Baird Chrisohon: "Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights"

Second Hour: Emily Baird Chrisohon: "Talkback"

Service Leader: Kitti McConnell

Story for All Ages: David Summar

Monitor: Anna Gray

Lunch: Fazoli's