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Autumn 2019

October 6

Communion of Words

Second Hour: Frank Baugh, Debbie Curtis: "Social Justice Letters (Gun Safety Issues) | UUFM Singers 

Service Leader : Shelly McCormack

Story for All Ages: Amy Jones

Monitor: Bob Kimbro

Lunch: Mellow Mushroom 

October 13

Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "All You Need is Love: Or is it?"

Second Hour: Rabbi Rami: "Talkback" 

Service Leader: Allie Becker

Story for All Ages: Karla Addesso

Monitor: Anna Gray

Lunch: Culver's (Rutherford)

October 20

Jill Austin: "Civility: Sticks & Stones"

Second Hour: Karla Addesso: "Pest Management in Home Veggie Gardens -- Staying Safe" | Debbie Curtis: "UU Social Justice" 

Service Leader: Ryan Tanay

Story for All Ages: Todd O'Neill

Monitor: Karen Johnson

Lunch: Jason's Deli

October 27

Jaime Harper: "Offering Hope to the Hurting"

Second Hour: Jaime Harper: "Talkback" | Tracy Whipple: "Making Sugar Skulls for Day of the Dead"

Service Leader: Debbie Curtis

Story for All Ages: Allie Becker

Monitor: Casey Gray

Lunch: Moe's Southwest Grill

November 3

Kitti McConnell: "Samhain"

Second Hour: Andrea Dawson & Frank Baugh: "The Art of Conversation" | UUFM Singers

Service Leader: Jim Howard

Story for All Ages: Frank Baugh

Monitor: Dave Anthony

Lunch: Zoe's Kitchen 

November 10

Doug Traversa: "The Gospel We Rarely Hear"

Second Hour: Doug Traversa: "Talkback" 

Service Leader: Todd O'Neill

Story for All Ages: Casey Gray

Monitor: Morris Kupfer

Lunch: McAlister's (Medical Center Pkwy)

November 17

Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "Atheist Overreach"

Second Hour: Rabbi Rami: "Talkback" 

Service Leader: Jennifer Uhl

Story for All Ages: Andrea Dawson

Monitor: Tom Deck

Lunch: Panera

November 24

Rev. Denise Gyauch: "Desire, Delight, & Changing the World”  

Second Hour: Rev. Gyauch: "Talkback" | Tom Kunesh: "Untold Native History of Tennessee"

Service Leader:  Kitti McConnell

Story for All Ages: Karen Johnson

Monitor: Jim Howard

Lunch: Jason's Deli

December 1

Karen Johnson: "Chalica" 

Second Hour: UUFM Singers | Jill Austin: "Articles of Faith"

Service Leader: Bob Kimbro

Story for All Ages: Jennifer Uhl

Monitor: Frank Baugh

Lunch: La Siesta (Greenland Dr)

December 8

Doug Traversa: "Science Fiction & the Quest for Meaning"

Second Hour: Doug Traversa: "Talkback" 

Service Leader: Anna Gray

Story for all Ages: Debbie Curtis

Monitor: Beth Skinner

Lunch: Firehouse Subs

December 15

Rev. Denise Gyauch: "Advent for Unitarian Universalists"

Second Hour:  Rev. Gyauch: "Talkback" | Kitti McConnell: "Yule"

Service Leader: Karen Johnson

Story for All Ages: Kitti McConnell

Monitor: Todd O'Neill

Lunch: Holiday Potluck

December 22

UUFM Singers: "Holiday Music"

Second Hour: Holiday Snacks  

Service Leader: Dave Anthony

Story for All Ages: Anna Deck

Monitor: Casey Gray

Lunch: No Lunch Bunch today

December 29

Rabbi Rami Shapiro: "Atheist Overreach"

Second Hour: Rabbi Rami: "Talkback"

Service Leader: Bob Kimbro

Story for All Ages: Shelly McCormack

Monitor: Kitti McConnell

Lunch: Newk's (Wendlewood Dr.)